Whitepaper "Recyclable Packaging“

Sustainability is gaining importance in all areas and also affects the packaging sector. The demands on packaging are increasing constantly and many countries have already introduced penalties for packaging that is not designed to be recyclable. But when can you actually speak of packaging that is suitable for recycling and what do you have to look out for?

We have summarized the recommendations from European guides and categorized them by packaging material. We will be happy to provide you with the resulting white paper if you are interested.

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Green corporate goals in sight

Simply replace your existing plastic labels for paper packaging with recyclable paper security labels from Securikett and easily achieve your green goals. By using only one packaging material, all packaging can be recycled together and the circular economy is positively affected. Additionally, paper is one of the renewable resources and recycling of paper is well established.

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Sustainability and environmental protection at Securikett

With our series of sustainable paper security labels, we support our customers in developing sustainable and recyclable packaging. By developing washable labels, we ensure optimal recyclability of your packaging. The use of resource-efficient materials and advanced eco-friendly adhesives is of great concern to us. For our production we use green electricity from 100% hydropower and with our 800sqm photovoltaic system we save 15t CO2 per year.

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