The tamper evident security tape on your shipping box – try it for yourself

Seal a box of your choice with the Security Void Tape and try to open the package by peeling off the tape. The void tape effect is immediately visible. It is no longer possible to reverse this effect, the colour change is permanent.

Secure Packaging: the simple and absolutely effective protection against manipulation of the packaging was developed in-house by Securikett® and includes several protective components.

SecurityTapes Manufacturer: The wonders of printing technology & diversity

The proprietary and innovative manufacturing process makes Securikett® adhesive tamper evident tapes unique on the world market. Our void tapes outperform standard and often freely available products in terms of counterfeit protection and reliability. Additionally, various tests, such as heat, manipulation, drop and artificial aging tests – based on industry standards – clearly demonstrate their superiority – over lower security commodity adhesive tapes.


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100% product authentication when the goods are received - Anti counterfeit technology

Your customers can immediately identify it as an original package if you use a branded security tape from Securikett®. Today, goods are often delivered by parcel service – security void tapes from Securikett® ensure authentication as soon as the shipping box is received. Indispensable in e-commerce! And, at the same time, you are protected against unjustified claims.


NOW AVAILABLE: SecurityLock - the first paper-based SecurityTape


In addition to our PaperVOID seals, we have recently started offering sustainable paper-based security adhesive tapes. These adhesive tapes, which are available in different colors, are particularly suitable for use on cardboard packaging, as the entire cardboard including the adhesive tape can be recycled together. This means that it is no longer necessary to separate the raw materials. Thanks to the integrated security VOID effect, which leaves an irreversible pattern on the packaging when it is removed, it is possible to instantly see whether the package has already been opened.

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Easy to use

As well as the adhesive tapes in our standard range, tapes with customised void designs, in particular, meet the highest standards of design and security. The packaging tapes can be processed using manual dispensers as well as large rolls in automated packaging lines. You can purchase robust manual dispensers from us.

Your parcels are guaranteed to catch the eye

From subtle to conspicuous  Our SecurityTape – that we will soon also be offering in our online shop – ranges from neutral, single-colour tapes to tapes with a gold effect or fantasy designs. We guarantee that your customers will be amazed. Our triple-void technology offers quite surprising effects, even with neutral, single-colour tapes.

Customized SecurityTapes are not available for sale on the open market   The packaging tape can be designed by our design experts to match your brand identity, there are virtually no limits. Counterfeiters no longer have a chance to buy these void tapes, even if they were to order from us as a supposed customer: Our internal organisation is set up in such a way that we know whether the person placing the order is actually a 100% legitimate customer. We can also adjust the type and weight of the adhesive as well as the material combinations. This is another advantage over off-the-shelf packaging tapes.