Digital product verification and traceability in the cloud


With the Codikett cloud platform, our digital transformation solution, you'll discover your actual flow of goods very simply as your customers use online product verification. This is achieved easy by using EAS (electronic article surveillance) security labels. We are a digital transformation service provider and connect consumers, products and IoT services, generating valuable data of lasting benefit to you in the areas of distribution, supply chain, and marketing.


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Key benefits of the Codikett cloud platform

  • Blockchain technology to secure sensitive transactions
  • Issuance of billions of unpredictable Unique Identifiers for your products 
         (UIDs, which are secure and highly scalable, based on cryptographic technology)
  • Multilingual online verification for every code scanned, including Trust Score Analysis
  • One intelligent code used in parallel for multiple purposes, such as:

      -   Identification of every single product by "fingerprint"
      -   Consumer engagement, such as product related verification
      -   Customs support to distinguish genuine and counterfeited products within seconds
      -   Transparency and visibility of global distribution channels
      -   Track & trace along entire supply chains
      -   Design and connect UID Smart Applications to fulfill specific use cases


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Applications of Codikett code

  • As 2D-code on a Securikett EAS SecurityLabel – with versatile security and design features;
         usable for primary packaging and shipping cartons
  • As NFC chip in a Securikett SecurityLabel for innovative online verification
  • As RFID chip with additional Codikett logistics modules
  • As a combinated chip (RFID & NFC) 
  • As a direct marking on the product itself 
  • As a direct marking on primary packaging

Many Securikett labels can optionally be enhanced with RFID or NFC. Our newly developed "All-in-One Label" illustrates possible ways of combining these two technologies with Codikett. 

Technical features of Codikett 

  • Ready for use: Cloud-based software means no waiting time
  • Pay-per-use: Modular expansion – as required
  • Robust serialisation technology and encryption with maximum scalability
  • System answer times the same for all quantities, as Codikett codes are not stored
  • Codes usable in various formats (2D code, NFC, RFID, clear text)
  • Smart IT interfaces for your IT and processes
  • Code-in-code: Functional compatibility with current code standards (GS1, MAPP)

The Codikett onboarding process 

  • Codikett Workshop – so that you know what works – and how
  • At your location or via a web meeting at your convenience
  • Selection of the Codikett packages that are right for you and any required modules (see links)
  • Opening and configuration of your Codikett account and users
  • Generation and allocation of the guaranteed unambiguous, "empty" Codikett codes
         – for use in our security labels or to be directly marked on products by you
  • The codes remain "empty" until they are progressively updated with further information during your
         labelling, packaging and distribution process
  • With the help of our versatile interfaces and tools, this updating can be done anywhere,
         at any time and quickly with our software
  • Configuration of responses for the user (rules, attributes, content, languages).
  • Configuration of alert rules and alarm channels (e.g. for grey market detection).


If codes are valid, every single verification of a Codikett code will be registered.

  • GEO position of verification / customer
  • Date/time of verification
  • Number of verifications
  • Codikett verification code or serial number
  • Response page shown during verification
  • Rules active during verification
  • Alert triggered during verification
  • Verified product when configured
  • Logistics information for the verified product when configure (packaging IDs, distributors)

Application packages for professionals and newcomers