Governmental Security

The portfolio for the public sector takes advantage of Securikett’s broad range of proprietary technologies. As a result of our continuous and innovative research and development programs, many of our products and services outperform older and more traditional solutions in the market.

  • Excise tax stamps
  • Car inspection and highway fee stickers
  • Transparent seals for medicinal packaging

Excise tax stamps

From tiny shapes to standard sizes, labels that prove the payment of excise taxes are used on alcohols, tobacco and other products, where governments strive to combat tax evasion.

Typically, these stamps carry a UID for accountability and traceability.

Our offering includes security printing and delivery of uniquely numbered stamps, be it in paper of plastic, in single pieces as bundles, in sheets or reels.

Securikett also offers Issuance of UIDs to registered participants, enabling traceability of deliveries as well as traceability in the market.

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Car inspection and highway fee stickers

Similar to excise tax stamps, these security labels provide evidence, that an inspection has taken place, that a highway fee has been paid, or that a vehicle has been registered.

Therefore, vignettes to be placed on windshields, car plates or motor cycles need to be accountable and need to show security elements. Often durability to outdoor conditions such as light, moisture, and temperature are required.

Securikett offers a range of novel solutions, including personalization at the point of issuance or preserialization, bespoke adhesives for different applications, and particularly our proprietary VOID-effects which become strikingly visible once the vignette is removed. Thus, these security labels cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

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Transparent seals for medicinal packaging

In order to protect citizens against fake medicines and medical devices, governments establish schemes to seal, serialize and trace their packaging.

This global trend has been building for several years and is now legally required and establiished throughout Europe, as well as many other countries. 

Securikett provides transparent and translucent seals for pharmaceutical packaging to severals of the world's largest pharmaceutical players. We also provide governmental import inspection labels to protect citizens against counterfeits.

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