FMD compliant closure seals for pharma industry

Directive 2011/62/EU of the European Parliament, also known as the Falsified Medicines Directive (or FMD), entered into force in February 2019.The primary objective of the directive is to prevent counterfeit medicines from entering the legal supply chain throughout the EU. 

Essential safety features for the control of prescription medication are required:

  • Serialisation of each individual product
  • Tamper evidence, to show whether a package has already been opened 
  • Such legislation is being implemented or prepared not only in Europe,
          but in many countries and continents
  • Securikett® closure seals are used and tested on pharmaceutical packaging worldwide

These labels comply with european and international standards

"Tampering of the sealing label or tape or opening of the packaging shall lead to visible, irreversible damage or change of the packaging and/or of the label or tape. The application of tamper verification features shall not compromise the readability of statutory information. The statutory text on the packaging should remain readable after opening the pack. “ [Excerpt from ISO 21976:2018(E)Packaging – Tamper verification features for medicinal product packaging] 


Securikett advantages at a glance

  • Works on almost all cardboard surfaces
  • Underlying text and printed codes remain legible
  • Compliant with FMD safety requirement


Our PaperVOIDs combine all benefits from our FMD-compliant closure seals with sustainability and environment protection.