Tamper evident security labels and traceability from a single source

According to estimates by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Customs Organization, counterfeit products account for up to 7% of world trade – that's over USD 600 billion in lost sales for producers. The figure can run as high as 90% for some regions and products. Globalised trade, especially via the Internet, combined with package printing technology that is now relatively easily accessible, is making it ever more difficult to distinguish genuine articles from counterfeit and illegally traded products.

You would like to:

  • Secure packaging
  • Identify original products quickly and easily
  • Ensure packaging integrity
  • Safeguard your returns management
  • Enable transparent distribution channels
  • Monitor your licensees
  • Detect and reduce unauthorized distribution (grey trade, parallel trade, illicit trade)
  • Communicate directly with your customers
  • Obtain information about buying behaviour
  • React swiftly to market trends

Securikett® helps you to develop your individual brand and product protection strategy.

Only proactive steps will enable you to respond consistently and effectively to this trend. A tailor-made solution from Securikett will include both physical and digital components to make genuine products recognisable and identifiable, and allow you to track their progress along supply chains.

Securikett is a "one-stop shop", which facilitates the implementation of solutions within your company, giving you the power to plan and control them.

We gladly provide free label samples