Prevent packagaing tampering with security labels and seals


Counterfeiters use nasty tricks to make fake products look like the real thing. 

They often re-use the original packaging. In many cases the authentication or serialisation feature is on the packaging rather than on the products themselves. Closure seals are removed with hot air, cold sprays, steam, water or alcohol so that they can be re-used.

Securikett offers quick and efficient solutions for these challenges:

  • prior opening protection and tamper protection from the technology leader
  • custom-designed VOID effects
  • simple to understand and easy to open
  • fully digitizable with unique QR codes, NFC, RFID for authentication and traceability

The Securikett solution

Securikett ensures packaging integrity with tamper-evident technologies.

Securikett SecurityLabels automatically change when removed and/or leave an effect on the packaging. This makes it easy to recognise when a pack has been opened. It also ensures that the labels cannot be re-used. The Securikett toolbox offers you a broad palette of technologies, from the elementary to the highly complex, that offer protection against prior opening and tamper evidence for a variety of applications:

  • security cuts
  • fibre-tear labels
  • self-destructible labels
  • variety of VOID technologies


With its proprietary adhesive VOID-technology, Securikett is a technology leader in the field of tamper protection. From this base, Securikett has gone on to develop a range of specific VOID-effects for markets with high risk profiles :

  • Dry-peel VOID
  • 3-colour VOID
  • Wash-VOID
  • Heat-sensitive VOID