Product Innovation through permanent research and development

Research and development is one of Securikett®'s core priorities. We are constantly improving our methods of physical tamper protection, to be able to respond to current challenges with innovative and effective solutions. The field of digital product protection sees constant improvement and increases in usability, operability and user-friendliness. For example, the incorporation of diverse code formats such as NFC and RFID along with the use of analytics tools in the field of business data analytics.

Furthermore, Securikett creates individualised solutions for its customers – your needs and challenges are what drives us to develop ever better Securikett solutions. At the same time, we keep cost-effectiveness constantly in focus, as any application has to be evaluated not only in terms of its technical feasibility but also on its practicality.

Our commitment to standardization

Current Innovations

  • NFC TAMPER: NFC seal with digital and pysical tamper protection 
  • WASH VOID: Seperated triggers of the VOID effect by water and heat
  • VIENNA VOID:  Combination of adhesive VOID and dry-peel VOID
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Securitylabels combining all current technologies: QR Code, NFC and RFID

NFC seal with digital and physical tamper protection

Unique identification of each individual bottle / product.

Great consumer usability and consumer engagement by the integrated NFC element. The NFC-enabled smartphone is merely held to the product / label for product information or similar. 

After opening the bottle or product for the first time, the NFC element communicates new information that was previously unavailable.

With the printed QR code, the identical code will communicate the same product information as with the NFC element.

Combination with consumer engagement and traceability via the Codikett cloud platform.

The tamper-proof VOID effect secures the label, and thus the code, from unwanted transfer to another (counterfeit) product / label.

  • Great consumer usability 
  • Digital and physical tamper protection and first opening indication
  • Integrated NFC chip with unique product identification
  • Printed QR code with identical NFC code content 


A variety of further developments in our leading VOID technology are deployed on this label. It signals that intact labels have been removed with water, thus helping to prevent their being re-used on old boxes.

Available as stickers in individual sizes and designs. Combinable with numerous other security features.

The VOID effect is triggered separately by

  • heat
  • water

Vienna VOID

A unique combination of adhesive VOID and dry-peel VOID to conceal information (e.g. a code) and simultaneously make the entire label tamper-proof 

Available as stickers in individual sizes and designs. Combinable with numerous other security features.

  • 3-layer VOID – as required for application



Combination of currently available technologies for easier handling of logistical tasks (RFID) and user-friendly communication with consumers (NFC, QR code).

Available as hangtag and sticker in individual sizes and designs. Combinable with numerous other security features.

  • RFID for logistics
  • NFC for end customers with NFC devices
  • 2D code for end customers (bar code)