Securikett wins category award at FINAT label competition 2022

For the 42nd time, the annual label competition was organized by FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry. In the course of this competition, the most innovative entries were selected from over 200 labels sent in by 38 companies from 21 countries.

Tiger label wins at the FINAT category award for "Marketing/End-User-Security" 

It fills us with great pride that our "all-rounder", the Tiger label, was able to convince the jury and was chosen as the winner in the "Marketing/End-User-Security" category.

Dr. Rainer Urlich received the prize on behalf of Securikett.

FINAT unleashes the tiger


The Tiger label was created to illustrate as many security features as possible in one single label. 
In addition to the patented VOID effect, which releases the tiger from its cage, a whole range of security colors were implemented in the label. For example, the tiger impressively shines in all the colors of the rainbow when it is illuminated with UV light.

Watch all features of the tiger label


All security features can be integrated to every security label. Thus, all security labels can be customized to your specific Corporate Design. 

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